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The internet website www.antonin-dvorak.cz is a non-commercial, non-profit endeavour whose operation is financed exclusively from the author’s private resources. The translation of the English version is financed by The Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music. The aim of this project is to concentrate on a single internet site the most comprehensive body of information possible relating to the life and work of Antonin Dvorak. This Dvorak “encyclopaedia” is aimed at anyone who has an interest in the composer’s musical legacy or who needs to find specific information on the composer’s works, facts about his life, data concerning recordings of his works and so on. The website is regularly updated and expanded.

The idea for this website was prompted by two contradictory circumstances: The wholesale development of the internet at the start of the new millennium confirmed once and for all that this manner of communication would be crucial in the future; on the other hand, however, its content in certain areas has proven inadequate. This also applies to the scope and quality of information on Antonin Dvorak, probably the most important figure for Czech culture in an international context. Isolated facts about the composer’s life and work were previously available scattered on various sites throughout the internet, but the information was unsystematic and often deficient. It was apparent that a figure of Dvorak’s stature clearly deserved a comprehensive presentation of a higher standard.

The first version of this website was launched in the spring of 2007. In June 2009 it was temporarily shut down for reconstruction. This current second version was published in February 2010 with a completely new, modern look and a considerably broader content. This concerns, in particular, the extensive database of recordings of the composer’s works, complete texts of his vocal works, including opera librettos, photo galleries, index of names, and a selected bibliography.

The English version

The English version of this website was launched in 2013 and was made possible thanks to the financial support of The Dvorak Society for Czech and Slovak Music.

Since certain characters may not display correctly on various types of PC and browsers, Czech diacritics have been deliberately omitted in the English version of the website. This applies, in particular, to diacritics occurring in people’s names, titles of works, place names and so on. The only exception are the texts of vocal works, including opera librettos, which are given in their original version (the majority in Czech), including diacritics.

author of the website: Ondrej Supka

English translation: Karolina Hughes

technical support: Jan Parizek, Michal Novak

The author would like to thank David R. Beveridge for his valuable comments and suggestions and for providing his English translation of the libretto for Rusalka and illustrative material free of charge.

The author would also like to thank Martin Jemelka for providing his extensive database of Dvorak recordings free of charge.

contact: info(at)antonin-dvorak.cz

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