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impromptu in d minor 

opus number
Burghauser catalogue number
January 1883 (?)
premiere - date and place
23 November 1884, Plzen (?)
premiere - performer(s)
Herman Sikl 
approx. 5 min. 

Impromptu in D minor is an occasional piano piece which Dvorak wrote at the beginning of 1883 at the request of his friend Vaclav Juda Novotny for the music supplement of the magazine Humoristicke listy. It is constructed upon three exalted themes prized for their masterful treatment, range of moods and strong emotional impact. The Impromptu features a symmetrical A-B-A form, while the thematically identical outer parts are reminiscent of some of Dvorak’s dumkas. After its publication in the magazine, the work was forgotten and the autograph was long considered lost. It was only after many decades that it was later discovered in a private collection.