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Antonin Dvorak was one of the most productive and most versatile composers of the 19th century. He wrote more than four hundred individual works of varying formal orientation and scope, from short piano pieces to full-length operas and oratorios requiring substantial numbers of vocalists and instrumentalists. His oeuvre encompasses almost all the musical forms that were applied in his day.

♦ His orchestral output notably includes symphonies, symphonic poems, concertos and concertante works, rhapsodies, serenades and dances – over 50 opuses in total.

♦ He contributed to the chamber repertoire with a number of duets, trios, quartets and quintets for all manner of instrumental combinations – almost 60 works.

♦ Much of his oeuvre was dedicated to the stage – 11 operas and a stage setting of one of his oratorios.

♦ A large part of the composer’s legacy is devoted to cantata and oratorio works – more than 10 opuses.

♦ His vocal music is represented by more than 100 songs and duets and over 20 choral compositions.

♦ He wrote numerous cycles and individual pieces for the piano – more than 30 opuses in total.

♦ Dvorak’s surviving legacy also contains a large number of sketches for intended works, along with piano reductions of his own pieces, and arrangements of works by other composers.