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rondo for cello and piano

COMPOSED 25 December - 26 December 1891
PREMIERE - DATE AND PLACE 3 January 1892, Rakovnik
PREMIERE - PERFORMER(S) Hanus Wihan, Antonin Dvorak
FIRST EDITION Simrock, 1894, Berlin
MAIN KEY G minor
DURATION approx. 7 min.

In 1892 Dvorak travelled on a “farewell” tour of Bohemian and Moravian cities before his departure for the United States. As fellow performers he chose his friends, violinist Ferdinand Lachner and cellist Hanus Wihan. The programme for the concerts consisted of Dvorak’s piano trios, involving all three artists (with the composer at the piano), in addition to which each of them would also play solo pieces. For the purposes of this tour Dvorak wrote Rondo in G minor with piano accompaniment for Wihan and he also arranged some of his earlier works (the eighth Slavonic Dance and Silent Woods from the cycle From the Bohemian Forest). Two years later he arranged the Rondo’s piano accompaniment for small orchestra. The Rondo elaborates three distinctive themes, evolving according to the regular form A-B-A-C-A-B-A.